Chambers of Commerce, Corporations, Community and Youth Organizations are nurturing The Entrepreneurial Mindset through our Launch! and World Changer Challenge! fun and learning events!
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And Now…
WINNERS of The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017!
Finalists of The Innovator of the Year Award 2017!Finalists in the NJMEP Innovator of The Year Award


LAUNCH PARTY! Local EditionNovember 9th, 2017

Joey, Heidi, Joe and Lora will facilitate Piscataway Public Library’s FIRST EVER LAUNCH! Party.  In this special LAUNCH! Party edition, families will be invited to first participate in a fun and friendly yet competitive game of LAUNCH!, followed by a special introduction to the library’s own makerspace, where the innovative ideas which naturally surge from LAUNCH! Party participants, will be put into action!

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Makerspaces are building stand out, creative thinkers all around the world!  Making prepares you for careers requiring problem solving, creativity, and thinking outside the box.  Joey and Heidi will be exhibiting their maker achievements for this AWESOME event that attracts 4,000+ attendees!

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