About Us

What started with a little game we called Productive Play turned into an experience that would not only change our lives, but yours too!

Entrepreneurs Since the Start

Each company has a journey and ours started with Joey playing with a pile of trading cards after hockey practice at 5 years old. Unknowing to all of us, Joey, now 16, would turn this pile of cards into a strategy game that would eventually be on the App Store. His app, Puckz, and sister app, Goalz, received sales in more than 60 countries which led him to be featured in Inc. MagazineEntrepreneur MagazineFast Company, and Parents Magazine along with pitching to Tim Draper an app idea at the NYSE at the age of 10!

Heidi began her entrepreneurial career when she was just 4 years old, designing her own fashion clothing line for her 18” dolls.  By 5 years old, Heidi wrote her first book.  Today Heidi, now 11, is combining her love of fashion with her love of play, to make sure everything we create is fun! 

Using Past Experiences to Change the World!

While Heidi and Joey were sharing their entrepreneurial ideas with their friends, they noticed that most of them did not understand the concept of business and innovation. In fact, they saw that most lost a majority of their creativity! This was why they decided to create two games to help children (and adults!) regain their innovation mindset while learning how to make money off of those ideas. Both Launch! and Outta This World! are based entirely off of what Joey and Heidi experienced while in the business world.

Now, Joey and Heidi are putting on events all across the United States bringing their own experience, in the form of their games, to as many people as possible.

"Heidi and Joey both exemplify the true spirit of entrepreneurism, which is truly contagious...Their story of success at such a young age, demonstrated by launching their own business which in turns inspires other future entrepreneurs, is an incredible achievement!"
Chris phelan
President & CEO of the Hunterdon Chamber of Commerce

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